About Me

eat is a company that I started in 2007 in order to nurture my passion of cooking and feeding people simply prepared, approachable food. eat started out servicing the clients and colleagues of my bookkeeping company, but with time and word of mouth, grew. Before I knew it, I was cooking for corporate dinner parties and for functions in client’s homes.

2008 was a major year for eat as I started construction on a house in Red Deer that would house my now prized possession: a certified industrial kitchen in accordance with the Alberta Health Services guidelines, The Food & Safety Act and the City of Red Deer.  I was building a kitchen that would comply with all of the zoning laws associated with running a catering company out of my own home.

In 2010, I took the three-year inter-provincial Journeyman Red Seal Chef program at Red Deer College. In the Fall of 2014, the College brought me on to work with the Culinary Instructor where I assist in teaching the 1st, 2nd & 3rd year students.

My focus is and always has been to cook on-site in order to prepare hot, high quality food that hasn’t been cooked elsewhere and then transported. I take great pride in preparing all of the ingredients, making my own homemade stocks and sourcing out the best products available.

As eat continued to lavishly grow, I had to turn down jobs that didn’t have cooking facilities; I needed a portable kitchen. This crazy and extravagant idea led me to design and transform a 6′ x 12′ toy hauler into my “kitchen on wheels”. It holds three full-sized stoves with ovens, a refrigerating system and everything I could possibly dream of needing to cook for 150 people.

The message on the side of my trailer reads, “Catering customized to your specific needs, ensuring an unforgettable event!” and that is what I do. I have no pre-made menus, I speak to each and every one of my clients and together we plan the menu in accordance with what you have conceptualized.

eat is about coming back to my roots as a child on the farm where cooking simple, nourishing, and flavourful fare was a daily occurrence. Feeding people exceptional foods and getting them curious to question what’s on their plate and where it came from is my bread and butter.

Enough talk, let’s eat,

Marrianne Park

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt