When you hire eat to cater your celebration, you’re not just getting good food, you’re getting an experience that nourishes your palette and your soul. I take care of everything from handcrafting the menu and preparing the foods to displaying and serving them.

It starts with a conversation on what you’re visualizing for the event- whether it’s a small friends and family gathering (minimum 20) or a wedding for 50 people. There are no set menus or plug and move prices; we work together to develop the perfect menu suited for your event.

As a hands-on chef and major foodie, I’m always taking daylong field trips full of eating and exploring to source out the best of the best ingredients that I can find. Good food begins with quality ingredients and it’s my job to find them!

I’ve learned skills from many cooking classes and retreats that I have attended over the years from Bali to Barcelona. I cook from scratch and incorporate as many nutrient-saving techniques as I can without compromising flavour. I see food restrictions and sensitivities as a creative challenge that once I solve, allows all to eat without feeling like something is missing.

My heart takes me back to my simple childhood days, baking pies for my family on the farm in a wood-fueled oven. I have an affinity for traditional cooking techniques and take no shortcuts when it comes to flavour. I believe time in the kitchen is well spent and an investment in our health.

My mobile kitchen means always hot

Enjoy fresh, wholesome food from the comfort of your home or event venue. I take care of all the details so you don’t have to – yes, even the dishes.