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Coconut Curry is back on the menu this week!💛⁠
Boxed up with Chicken & Roasted Cauliflower on Herb Basmati or 🌿Broccoli Rabe with Beetroot Koftas if you want to keep plant based.⁠
If neither of those options are working for you, I know sell just the sauce separately in a 500ml container so you can use it to create your own meals at home!👩‍🍳⁠
This is the same sauce I serve with my 🍤coconut shrimp when I'm catering and it is the flavor💥base for all of my curries.⁠
The sauce comes frozen and is highly concentrated so my suggestion is to add a can of crushed tomatoes and more coconut mylk or stock and use it as a pasta sauce or pour it over your favorite meat/veggie dish and bake until golden. Maybe sauté up some garlic, onions and spinach and add the sauce for a quick, delicious Indian saag that is perfect for dipping sourdough in!😍⁠
Link is in my bio to jump over to the website and view the full menu with instructions on how to order.⁠
Bon Appetit Friends!🍽️
🍞🥖☕Sourdough Workshop🥯🥐🥰⁠
If you have been thinking about adding Sourdough Bread making to your tool belt, I invite you to join Dawn(my sourdough starter) and I for a hands on workshop this Saturday!⁠
We all know sourdough and this time old tradition of long cold fermenting results in a delicious nutritious loaf of bread, but to learn a little bit about the science of what is occurring and why this slow natural process of bread making is gut friendly and easier for us to digest too. ⁠
You will mix your own loaf of 100% wild yeast sourdough in the company of a small group of bread lovers, going over all the steps so you are confident to continue making sourdough in your own home. ⁠
I started my sourdough journey 5 years ago and am ready to share everything you need to know to make the most delicious, crispy crusted, tangy loaf of your life. I will also be covering sourdough focaccia, pumpernickel, crackers and fresh milled whole grain loaves.⁠
Overview: You will arrive to a Bread Board Grazing Display filled with as many different tasting loaves as I can fit, along with home churned butter, homemade fruit compotes, savory spreads and specialty cheeses to snack on with a coffee or tea while I take you through the feeding schedule of Dawn, how to store your starter in the fridge and refresh her/him before using it to bake, baking in a Dutch oven to mimic a steam oven, along with the benefits of sourdough, and why it's worlds apart from commercially-produced bread. ⁠
I will have a big batch of dough prepared and ready for us to practice our shaping skills and you will take home your shaped loaf to bake in your own oven.⁠
We will end the afternoon breaking bread with a big bowl of delicious soup at the communal table to go over any questions.⁠
When: March 11, 2023 from 1pm till 4pmish⁠
Where: Here at Eat HQ - 50 Larsen Crescent, Red Deer⁠
Investment: $130 + GST⁠
Register by texting or calling me at 403.302.9656 and I will fill you in on the details and get you on the list of participants.⁠
Can't wait to break bread with you!⁠
I have a couple loaves left of this fresh milled black barley, oat and red fife sourdough, baked fresh this morning and available for pick up anytime this afternoon!🧑‍🍳🍞

Chili Con Carne(GF,DF) and Roasted Butternut Squash Minestrone(GF,DF,V) are on the menu this week and paired with a loaf makes a delicious hearty meal.🥣🥰

To view the full menu available on my website click the link in my bio.
🥕🍅🥗It's time to get into my kitchen together!🍽🥬🍳⁠
The Sourdough Workshop sold out in a hot minute but don't worry there is another one in the works once I settle on a date. If you want to get in on the next workshop, reach out to me and I will add you to my list of subscribers and you will be first to know.🥖🍞⁠
I have a couple spots left in February 18th workshop - Wraps, Sauces, Aioli & Pesto/Chimichurri⁠
We are going to spend the afternoon making a variety of rolled up delicacies that are super quick to make on the fly or prep them ahead and freeze. 😉It's also my #1 sneaky way to reinvent and use up those left-overs.⁠
We will also prepare a wide range of sauces, spreads and dips that you will use throughout all your cooking adventures. There is nothing like a great flavorful sauce to finish off a plate!⁠
For full details please reach out and I will send you an email with the What, When & Where.⁠
Bon Appetit☕
Need a last minute gift idea?
In my opinion you can never go wrong giving the "gift of good taste"!🥰
Gift certificates available or preorder a loaf of sourdough for my next Bake Day, December 28th and pair it up with a litre of soup or frozen meal for the perfect host gift.🍞🍞🍞
Link in my bio to view the full menu of frozen meals available on my website.