Frozen Meals + Soups

Pick up the most delicious frozen meals and soups that are fresh from my kitchen and keep them in your freezer for those nights when you just don’t have the time to cook or just don’t feel like it. 

This is where you’ll find everything from Herb Crusted Chicken Wings with Uptown Mac and Cheese made from a bechamel sauce spiked with asiago, manchego, aged gouda, and gruyere cheese blend to Bone Broth Beef + Barley Stew to Spanish Seafood Paella with jumbo prawns, squid, halibut, scallops, king crab, mussels and sausage. This is my place to experiment with my latest inspirations so the list of frozen meals will always be evolving. 

You can find the weekly menu posted every Tuesday at 4pm on both Instagram and Facebook.

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Frozen meals come sitting on a piece of parchment paper so that you can simply lift it out of the box and into a baking dish to heat up in the oven. Soups come in a frozen litre container. Add a salad or some veggies and you’ll have a delicious home-cooked meal in minutes. 

Meals are packaged in single portions. Pricing is determined by weight and range between $9-$13. Soups are $10/litre. 

Pick Up Days: Anytime throughout the week
Message me to have it set aside for you (403.302.9656)
$9-$13/Frozen Meals
$10/Litre of Frozen Soup

Fresh Baked Sourdough

Pick up a loaf (or five) of freshly baked 100% wild yeast and 48-hour cold fermented sourdough from my kitchen. Bake Days are every Wednesday and Friday, with pick up being same day anytime after 12pm (as I bake in the mornings). 

My sourdough starter (named Dawn) is packed with all the gut-friendly goodness that not only makes deliciously tangy loaves with a crisp crust, but also extremely digestible ones. It’s not uncommon that I hear from customers with gluten intolerances that my sourdough is the only bread they can digest. 

Pick Up Days: every Wednesday and Friday after 12pm
Message me to have it set aside for you (403.302.9656)

Chef’s Table (Temporarily on Hold Due to Covid)

Come join me for an evening of abundant food, good wine and stimulating conversation in the very place that eat was created, my home. Inspired by Chef Table’s and intimate dinner experiences that I have attended from Calgary to Tofino to Paris.
Using only the best ingredients, cooking techniques I have gathered from my travels and an adventurous approach to cooking, I will prepare a menu that will showcase the difference that time, quality and attention to detail makes in a meal.
My goal is to have you leaving feeling fully nourished- palette, body and soul. Guests are seated at my communal table in the kitchen, offering a front row seat to observe and enjoy the sights and smells of a bustling efficient kitchen.

Register alone, as a couple, or a group – all are welcome.

Complete with wine pairing
10 seats available
$125.00 per person
Dinner starts at 6pm
50 Larsen Crescent, Red Deer, Alberta

Sourdough Workshops (Temporarily on Hold Due to Covid)

Learn how to make 100% wild yeast sourdough in the company of a small group of bread lovers and learn how the benefit of time transforms the digestibility and taste of this age-old staple. I started my sourdough journey two years ago and am now ready to share everything you need to know to make the most delicious, crispy crust, tangy loaf of your life. 

Guests will arrive to a sourdough buffet with home-churned butter, homemade fruit compotes, savory spreads, and specialty cheeses to snack on with a coffee or tea while I take you through the process of making sourdough, the sourdough starter feeding schedule, benefits of sourdough, and why it’s worlds apart from commercially-produced bread.

I will then demo the process as you follow along at your stations, ending up with a loaf of shaped sourdough in your banneton ready for a long cold ferment in your fridge before you bake 48 hours later at home as well as dough for your next loaf to complete at home. You will also receive sourdough starter, a linen-lined banneton (with your loaf in it), and a dough scraper.

We will end the afternoon breaking bread with a big bowl of delicious soup at the communal table to go over what you’ve learnt and answer any of your questions.

Upcoming Sourdough Workshop Dates:
September (TBD on date)
$130.00 per person

Eat Bistro Café Pop-Up (Temporarily on Hold Due to Covid)

I have been on a food journey for the last 10 years, sourcing the purest, healthiest, and most delicious ingredients, oils, and products to use in my kitchen and catering. I believe in eating nutritiously abundant and bioavailable foods that fuel all that I do- all without the compromise or side effects that come with many of today’s foods packed with preservatives and sugar. And now I want to share them!

Stay tuned for Eat’s next pop-up.

Open Farm Days