Chef’s Table

Come join me for an evening of abundant food, good wine and stimulating conversation in the very place that eat was created, my home. Inspired by Chef Table’s and intimate dinner experiences that I have attended from Calgary to Tofino to Paris.
Using only the best ingredients, cooking techniques I have gathered from my travels and an adventurous approach to cooking, I will prepare a six-course menu that will showcase the difference, time, quality and attention to detail makes in a meal.
My goal is to have you leaving feeling fully nourished, palette, body and soul. Guests are seated around my island offering a front row seat to observe and enjoy the sights and smells of a bustling efficient kitchen.

Register alone, as a couple, or a group – all are welcome.

Plated six-course meal with wine pairing
10 seats available
$125.00 per person
Dinner commences 6:30pm
50 Larsen Crescent, Red Deer Alberta


Chef’s Table

8th Generation Integrity Bubbles as you arrive

Amuse Bouche (Happy Mouth): a marble slab filled with an assortment of my favorite cheese, Olds College pate, Naramata Bench 1775 ice wine grape terrine, handmade crackers, olives & a grape truffle
Signature Cocktail: Spicy Caesar with citrus shrimp

Second Course: seafood chowder topped with white wine and garlic scapes steamed mussels served in a home baked sourdough bowl
Wine Selection: Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Grigio – B.C

Third Course: three different kales, roasted fingerling potato and brussel sprouts, smoked pork hock, dried Alberta sour cherries and toasted pine nuts tossed in a warm brown butter vinaigrette and garnished with black truffle parm shards and sourdough cornbread croutons

Fourth Course: crispy chicken and sage croquettes with sourdough crumb coating and harissa chimichurri dip,  garnished with kale chips
Wine Selection: Meiomi Pinot Noir – California

Fifth Course: filet mignon steak wrapped in prosciutto with a crab and bleu cheese crust, roasted roots with tahini aioli and a king crab leg with your own hot butter for dipping
Wine Selection: Stags’ Leap Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa Valley

Dessert: pavlova nest filled with fresh berries and passion fruit whip, garnished with coconut pizzelle cookie and served with a shot of white port
Decaf coffee and tea

Sunday Dinner

Having grown up in a religious household, Sunday afternoons after church meant mismatched china and goodies in the church basement kitchen followed by a Sunday dinner at home. The magic of the dinner was in the preparation; everyone in the household helped make it happen.

Sunday Dinner with eat is a re-creation from my memories of those gatherings, combined with a teaching component where I share techniques on achieving great flavour with simple, delicious ingredients.

As interactive as you would like, the choice is yours. Sit back and break bread enjoying the energy that a busy kitchen generates or get involved and help me prepare Sunday dinner.

We start at 3pm, preparing dishes that can be grazed on straight through to dinner. The goal is to sit down to Sunday dinner together at 6pm to share what we have cooked. I say “goal” as sometimes great conversation and curious minds lead us to getting caught up creating in the kitchen, causing us to sit down a few minutes late to our feast.

Number of available spots varies with each group
$75.00 per person
50 Larsen Crescent, Red Deer Alberta