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🥬🥕🧄🍗Menu Update Post🧅🍄🥔👩‍🍳⁠
Keeping it real simple this week with an Alberta classic, sliced roast beef, herb crusted baked potato and brown butter gravy. Just add salad or some veggies with dip and💥dinner is served!⁠
Grab and Go Frozen Meals: ⁠July 26 - 31st⁠
📌Sliced Roast Beef w/Herb Crusted Baked Potato & Brown Butter Gravy $15⁠
💚Vegetarian Buddha Box (GF,DF,V) $15⁠
Garlic Scape Vermicelli w/Sautéed Mung Bean Sprouts & Snap Peas⁠
Braised Red Cabbage w/Apple⁠
Rice Paper Spring Rolls w/Citrus Sake Sauce⁠
📌Herb Crusted Chicken on Herb Basmati w/Parm Dill Cream Sauce (GF) $14⁠
📌Ricotta & Garlic Scape Stuffed Chicken wrapped in prosciutto w/Parmesan Dill Cream on Wild & Basmati Herb Rice (GF) $15⁠
📌Lemon Chicken Piccata on Herb Basmati (GF,DF) $15⁠
📌7 Layer Lasagna $13⁠
📌Chicken a la King on Potato (GF) $15⁠
📌Crispy Herb Baked Wings w/Grainy Mustard Aioli on Golden Rice (GF,DF) $14⁠
📌Beef Stroganoff $15⁠
Burritos: $5 each⁠
Sold out for this week😭⁠
⁠🥣1 Litre Soup - $10⁠
Chicken Noodle Soup (DF)⁠
🍞Organic Fresh Milled Black Barley & Spelt Sourdough is $7 loaf.⁠
Here's how this all works:⁠
〰️Message me with what you'd like and I'll set it aside for you⁠ and send you a total. EMT to M@eatcatering.ca ⁠
〰️Meals are portioned into single servings.⁠
〰️Just thaw in the fridge and reheat in the oven⁠ for 20 - 30 minutes.⁠
〰️Don't forget to add some 🥗🧅🍆🥬🍄🥕🌽🍅 to your meal. ⁠
〰️Porch pick up at my place will be Wednesday the 27th from 12 noon to 5pm, message me (403.302.9656) when you're on your way and I'll have your order ready!